Yesterday I was sent these two reviews which were written by a man who recently purchased some books from Dernier Publishing.

He wrote:-

“I want to be an Airline Pilot”

This was an intriguing and delightful tale of an orphaned family which was written with great compassion. The hero, Shema, and the lady that rescued him, Mama Grace, their fears and emotions were very well portrayed. Again, the story was fast moving and full of local interest.


“The Birthday Shoes”


I greatly enjoyed this. It showed a first hand knowledge of Africa. It was easy to identify with Emily Jane and her growing understanding of the difficult circumstances faced by African children. The growing spiritual perception of her friend, Jenna, was convincing. The twists and turns in the story kept it moving forward at a lively pace.”


I was encouraged to read these comments. I always get a lot of joy when people, (adults as well as children) have enjoyed what I have written.  Don’t forget that books make wonderful Christmas presents!




Mary Berry’s story. If you didn’t see this programme on BBC2 last evening, you might like to catch up on i-player. It was fascinating to me because she attended the same school as I did, though 6 years earlier. There were lovely shots of the school and teachers. The uniform was the same! Mary after contracting polio as in the Bath and Wessex Orthopaedic Hospital for some weeks, where I also was a patient for several months. It was great to see so many places which reminded me of my childhood. I was always inspired by my history teacher, Miss Ireland, and loved reading books about times long ago. I have 3 historical stories due for publication next year, which I hope everyone will enjoy.

Hi folks!

Yesterday I was in Swanage, speaking to a Mothers’ Union group. I received such a warm welcome, talking about my work in Africa, but also about my books. I was asked how someone can obtain a copy of the new edition of ‘After Genocide – there is hope’.

The answer is – go to https/ www, which brings you to the book and you can order it from there.

Tomorrow we are visiting my daughter and her two children and taking them their copies of ‘Sunshine and Snow showers’. My granddaughter’s school also like a copy for the class library of all my new publications.

have a great weekend!

Sunshine and Snowstorms

Today has seen the publication of the third Syding Adventure, ‘Sunshine and Snowstorms’. It has a Christmas flavour and is for boys and girls 2 – 14. It is published by DayOne Publications and priced at £6.00, so would make an excellent stocking filler for that special young person!

Special offer!

A double page spread by CLC in the Families First magazine features the first two of the Syding Series at the special price of £5 each – that’s a discount of £1 on each book.


I’ve had a busy week doing the first clean edit on a new book to come out next year for the commemoration of the start of World War One, called, ‘A Pennyworth of Peppermints’, a novel for 8 -14 year old children. I’ve had to do a lot of research as all of my relatives who served in that war died long ago.