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There is a good review of ‘Pirates and Prisoners’ on the website  printed in Evangelicals Now. Do look at it and read it!

Also “Slow Train to Applebrook” is book of the month for DayOne.

For Syding Series fans – the next book should be published very soon – so watch this space for details!

Happy New Year to everyone.


97 children received books!

The school children’s choir at the ‘Silent Night’ event was 97 strong! I heard that the children were very excited when they learnt they were being given copies of ‘A pennyworth of Peppermints’ and one little girl brought hers to school the next day as her classroom reading book and used it to do her English classwork. Please pray that these little ‘seeds’ will grow and bear fruit in the families where they have been placed. Thank you to everyone who helped to finance this project.


This week we were in South London and left copies of the new Applebrook trilogy with a friend, for him to pass on to his grandchildren. I have just received an email to say he had a preview and just loved reading the books. They brought back many memories of watching trains at Norwood junction in the war, being evacuated himself and he hopes his grandchildren will ask him lots of questions about his experiences!

Carols in the Weymouth Football Stadium

On December 4th there is to be a carol service to remember the ‘silent night’ of World War 1 when the British and German troops played football together on a Christmas Day truce. A choir consisting of pupils from 7 local primary schools will be taking part. Through the help and generosity of Christian friends and the publisher, Dernier Publishing, each child taking part  will be given a copy of ‘A Pennyworth of Peppermints’ an adventure story set in Weymouth during the First World War. Please pray that these books will make an impact on the readers.

Applebrook trilogy

The three Applebrook adventures have arrived! They are for 7 -13 yr old boys and girls and share the adventures of evacuee children in WW2 based on some real life stories. They are published by DayOne and can be ordered from Waterstones, W.H. Smith, or a local Christian bookshop, prices at £6.00 each.

They have already received a fantastic reception in the first two days!APPLEBROOK 167o days!!

Jesus, Hope of the Nations.

This book, after two years of work, is now in the publication stage with Zaccmedia.It is the biography of Bishop John Rucyahana of Rwanda and shares some of his amazing life and the way in which the Lord has enabled him to bring hope into many lives, not only in Rwanda, but also throughout the world. It should be published before Christmas – so here is a great Christmas present for adults! I’ll blog again when the titles are available.