The Chocolate Club

This exciting new stroy book for boys and girls has been published today. It is published by DayOne and costs £6.00. I hope you all enjoy it.  Let me know what you think!


School visit

This week I have been into St. Andrew’s School, Preston, Weymouth to talk with years 3 & 4 about my story books. We had a great time together.

Back at Home

Thanks to people praying for me I had a great visit to Rwanda, even though I somehow managed to get dysentry. With the help of antibiotics we overcame that and held all the seminars which had been planned, had an amazing visit with the Batwa people, took Bishop John Rucyahana 80 copies of his new book, ‘Jesus Hope of the Nations’, and had productive meetings with other friends and colleagues. Now I am back home and already immersed in writing. Ina couple of weeks the 7th Syding series book should be released, so watch this spot!WIN_20150205_175858

Rwanda visit

On Friday 13th I leave on my trip to Rwanda- another adventure with Jesus to the Land of a Thousand Hills.

(Did you know that Rwanda is mentioned in the Bible? Well it does say that the Lord owns the cattle on a thousand hills!)

I will be working  with women, particularly widows exploring how as women we can live for God.

My last few days will be with the Batwa psople, akin to the Pygmys in Congo.

Please pray for me – should be home in time to see April arrive.