Reaching partially sighted and blind children. Today I had the wonderful news form Dernier Publishing that ‘A Pennyworth of Peppermints’ is being produced By Torch Trust in a large print edition and Braille. It is so good to know that these children will have the opportunity to read this book!


August news. The 5th Syding series , ‘Live Wires and LobsterPots’ has jusshed!t been publi

I’m very excited that this new book is around in time for the school holidays! It is available from Christian bookshops, or by order from W.H. Smiths and Waterstones or Amazon. ISBN 978 – 184653683

When yo have read it, I would love to receive your comments!

A pennyworth of Peppermints is being enjoyed by many children and adults, too!


“The Mystery of the Deserted House” has now been reprinted and so is once again available – a good mystery story for boys!live wires etc 019

Arrived in time for Easter!

A Pennyworth of Peppermints

A first world war spy story for 7 -11 yr old boys and girls, set in Dorset

Order from Smiths, Waterstones, Christian bookshops or Dernier Publishing or contact me at


March News

March 6th is World Book Day & I shall be going to talk to year 5 children at Stoborough School, near Wareham. I have not visited the school before, but understand they love my books! I’ll be talking about writing stories.

DayOne hope to release the 4th Syding series book in March ……so watch this space. It is called ‘Romans and Ransoms’.

News from Dernier Publishing is that ‘I want to be an Airline Pilot’ is being translated into Greek, because there are few Christian stories for the children there. Pray that this venture will be greatly blessed!

Also from Dernier I have been told that the production of the World War 1 adventure, ‘A Pennyworth of Peppermints’ is well on the way and the book should be published by Easter. This is great news and again, please pray that the book will be bought and read by many children in this special year of remembrance.

January News

It’s hard to believe that this is already the last week of the month! The wet weather has kept me indoors and writing! DayOne have already accepted two books about evacuees, ‘The Slow Train to Applebrook’ and ‘The Slow Boat to Safety’. It had been suggested that I write a book to tell what happens to the children after the war, so this month I wrote ‘Goodbye to Applebrook’, which has now been sent to the publishers for them to look at.

Very soon the fourth of the Syding Series should be published, I’ll post a picture as soon as it is available.

The other exciting news is that the production of ‘A Pennyworth of Peppermints’ is now well under way, and hopefully will be released this spring. It is an exciting adventure story set in the Great War, and hopefully will complement the material being produced to remember the start of that period in our history.

For the adults, ‘Jesus Hope for the Nations’ is complete, and I am trying to find a publisher for this biographical work of Bishop John Rucyahana of Rwanda. It is also a special year for Rwanda as they have events to remember the genocide which took place 20 years ago. It would be great to have this book published to tell the story of some of what God has been doing through these years. Please pray with me for this to get published!

The daffodils are coming, in spite of being waterlogged – so let’s thank God for the signs of spring!