Reaching partially sighted and blind children. Today I had the wonderful news form Dernier Publishing that ‘A Pennyworth of Peppermints’ is being produced By Torch Trust in a large print edition and Braille. It is so good to know that these children will have the opportunity to read this book!


August news. The 5th Syding series , ‘Live Wires and LobsterPots’ has jusshed!t been publi

I’m very excited that this new book is around in time for the school holidays! It is available from Christian bookshops, or by order from W.H. Smiths and Waterstones or Amazon. ISBN 978 – 184653683

When yo have read it, I would love to receive your comments!

A pennyworth of Peppermints is being enjoyed by many children and adults, too!


“The Mystery of the Deserted House” has now been reprinted and so is once again available – a good mystery story for boys!live wires etc 019