An exciting school story for girls aged 8 – 14

An exciting school story for girls aged 8 - 14

The hidden tunnel is discovered by two girls, both of whom have been sent to boarding school while their parents have to live abroad. Through their difficulties and adventures they both grow in their Christian faith.
Published by DayOne. Available from; Waterstones, W.H. Smith, and Christian bookshops.


The Birthday Shoes

The Birthday Shoes

This book is also published by Dernier. When it first was published it was awarded the status of Kingsway’s ‘book of the month’ for children. Although the story is mainly about a girl, in her travels she does meet up with a boy. Every time she puts on her birthday shoes a wonderful adventure ensues……..and all associated with crocodiles!
suitable for 7 – 12 year olds, but has been enjoyed by many an adult!

Story books about life in Rwanda

Story books about life in Rwanda

These three books can stand alone, but are a series about three children (two boys and a girl) left orphaned during the 1994 genocide. The fictional adventures are based on my experiences helping with children in such circumstances. They are enjoyed by both boys and girls, suitable for 7 – 12 years.
They are published by Dernier Publishing, available from or by ordering at W.H. Smiths or Waterstones or any Christian bookshop.
As well as being exciting stories, these books give an insight for children of life in central Africa.

Kabanda’s Story

Kabanda's Story

This book is no longer in print, although some copies are held by me and also available through Amazon. It was my first biography and tells the story of a Ugandan child who was knocked off his bicycle by a fish lorry and left for dead in a ditch………..the story of his subsequent life has been amazing. I still hear regularly from him and am very proud of all his acheivements.

Emmanuel Kolini

Emmanuel Kolini

This book is available through Amazon & is published by Authentic, USA and now distributed through IVP. It tells the story how a lad born into a poor family in the Congo eventually becomes the Archbishop of Rwanda, helping to unify and strengthen the Anglican Church in Rwanda after the 1994 genocide.

This is Me!

This is Me!

You can also read my life story in “Tracing The Golden Thread”, published by Onwards and Upwards (2012).

In my ‘golden years’ I have started writing after a career in nursing.

I have a passion to promote exciting Christian books for children in the 21st Century as well as sharing the wonderful stories of how faith can triumph through adversity.

I am a member of the Association of Christian Writers (ACW) and the local branch meets in our home once a quarter.

I am married to Malcolm who is a retired Anglican minister. We have been married for 7 years. Prior to that I was a widow, my first husband, Phil Weeks, having died in 2000. I have three children and five wonderful grandchildren, all of whom have inspired and supported my new adventures into writing!