Sunshine and Snowtorms

Sunshine and Snowtorms

This is what the new book in the Syding Series looks like. The cover belies the fact that it is not only a girls’ book, but one in which the whole of the Syding gang participate in an an exciting new adventure.


Sunshine and Snowstorms

Today has seen the publication of the third Syding Adventure, ‘Sunshine and Snowstorms’. It has a Christmas flavour and is for boys and girls 2 – 14. It is published by DayOne Publications and priced at £6.00, so would make an excellent stocking filler for that special young person!

Special offer!

A double page spread by CLC in the Families First magazine features the first two of the Syding Series at the special price of £5 each – that’s a discount of £1 on each book.


I’ve had a busy week doing the first clean edit on a new book to come out next year for the commemoration of the start of World War One, called, ‘A Pennyworth of Peppermints’, a novel for 8 -14 year old children. I’ve had to do a lot of research as all of my relatives who served in that war died long ago.

This email arrived this morning from missionary friends who live in the Cameroons.

“We just wanted to pass onto you something Martha  (aged 10) said to us earlier today. She’s brought some of your books with her on this trip, and said, “I really like all the books that Mary weeks Millard has written. They make me feel very peaceful and help me forget all my worries.”

This email arri…

My own story

My own story

I mentioned in an earlier blog this autobiogaphical book. It is available from Amazon, Christian bookshops, Smiths and Waterstones, and also as an e-book. It majors on my years as a nurse and midwife, and how God has woven a golden thread through many events in my life. It tells my story up until the death of my first husband in 2000…….lots has happened since then, maybe there should be a part two!