A new book has been launched

Two years ago I went for a holiday in Crete and at the end of it was involved in a great adventure. This gave me the inspiration to write another book, which is for children aged 7 – 13 years and is called, “Adventures in Tomato City”.

A boy who is in year six at school is the care giver for his grandmother, who has brought him up, because his mum was killed in a tragic car accident. Was she actually killed, or was there more to the story? Tom goes with his dad on holiday to Crete, and becomes involved in a life changing adventure.

Published by DayOne Publications, this book is reasonably priced at £6.00 ISBN 978-1-84625-572-4 and can be ordered from any book shop or directly from sales@dayone.co.ukP1040284


Another book has been published.

Today the fourth and final book in the series of Victorian Adventures has been published.

It is called ‘A Bilingual Parrot’ and features a parrot who can talk in both English and Swahili.

Although each book in the series can stand alone, this final book brings all the members of the family together, as the two fathers have adventures in the jungle and on the high seas, but finally return to their loving families.

A New Book

This book has just been released – the third in the series of Victorian Adventures, written for children  aged between 7 -14years (according to reading age). It has been published by DayOne Publications and costs only £6.00. ISBN 9781846255182 and can be ordered from main stream booksellers; Amazon, Christian bookstores or directly form the publisher info@dayone.co.uk   I would love to hear what you think of the book  – please publish a post!-p1010827

The second book

The Ace Survival Team is also an adventure book for young people aged between 7 – 14, set in Africa. Four children are on their way to boarding school in Kenya when the plane in which they are travelling crashes in the Virunga Mountains. How will they survive in the forest and reach safety?

Published by DayOne  ISBN 978-1-84625-524-3 and is available from major booksellers; Christian bookstores & Amazon. Price £6.00P1000744

Two new books released!

The second book in the series, ‘From Disgrace to Honour’,   CHASING BUTTERFLIES has just been published by DayOne. It is an adventure set in Victorian times, suitable for readers aged 7 -14. ISBN 978-1-84625-517-5, priced £6.00 and available by order from major booksellers, Amazon and Christian booksellers. P1000747.JPG

Another new book!

Today has seen the publication of the first book in a new series of 4 children’s books set in Victorian Britain. The series is called ‘From Disgrace to Honour’  and are exciting adventure stories for boys and girls between 7 -14 years.

This first book is called ‘Working with Clodhopper’ – telling the story of two poor children who after their mother died were abandoned by their father, but not by God. How do they manage to survive?

The book is published by DayOne  and costs £6 – barely the cost of a cup of coffee and a slice of cake – but of much more lasting value!  ISBN 978-1-84625-516-8, available by order from mainstream bookstores, Amazon or direct from the publisher at sales@dayone.co.uk.

If you buy and enjoy this book, please post a review!P1000263